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Our Chios!

Tue, 12/04/2012 - 18:04 -- admin

One could say that this note isn't related to our webpage content at all. On the contrary, we consider this to be completely relative to our work, because living in Chios island mean creation, insipration and love.

"Chios, lovely Island! even by just calling your name, I feel your rose water around me!", once Georgios Drosinis said.

Chios, as Geogrios Theotokas says, "is like a young girl, finespun and sensitive, calm and restless, lonely, cranky, being so intensively individual but almost uncaught".

Chios, as Aristeides Karavas says, is "Aegean's enviable jewel"

Chios is, according to Yannis Psicharis, "like a golden flower, scenting from far away" and "its people are loyal, wherever they may go, they never forget their motherland and always rejoice when they see it"

Our island is proud of creating the first regiment in human history.

Our Chios, where great sculptures like Voupalos, Archemos and Glafkos lived and worked in ancient times

Chios, where great Byzantine churches stand, like Nea Moni, Panagia Krina, Moni Moundon.

Our Chios, where great intellectual people were born, motherland of "uncle" Homer, Adanamtios Korais, who had great influence in Greek Enlightment, Leontas Allatios, Georgios Koressios, Neofitos Bambas, Alexandros Paspatis and Alexandros Mavrokordatos, significant scholars in the Rennaissance. Our Chios, having important contribution to literature, thanks to Konstantinos Amantos, Ioannis Vlachogiannis, Ioannis Sikoutris, Michalis Papamauros, Theodoros Kastanos, Irenes Paidousi, Stilianou Viou, Konstantinou Kanelaki, Georgiou Zolota, father Markos Vasilakis.

Our Chios, where great poets were born, Georgios Souris, Georgios Drosinis, Emmanouil Roides, Georgios Veritis, Achilleas Paraschos, Lampros Porfyras, Fotis Aggoules, Matthaios Mountes.

Our Chios, where great heroes were born. Konstantinos Kanaris, Konstantinos Nikodimos, Eustratios Argentis, Antonios Koronios, Maurakis and Pitas, Michalis Vatakis, Euaggelinos, father Xenakis and Antonis Tratsis, and recently - in the years of junta, Stauros Kioleoglou.
Chios, where great artists and painters were born: Giannis Mitarakis, Paulos Rodokanakis, Theodoros Rallis, Aristeides Glikas, Nikos Gialouris, Kurilos Veniadis, Georgios Panagiotakis, Kostar Plakotaris, Georgios Tsapelas, theater artist Adamantios Lemos, architects Dimitris Pikionis, Ioannis Despotopoulos, photographers Pericles Papachatzidakis and Nikos Chaviaras. Our Chios, where great scientists where born: Konstantinos Karatheodroris, Mikes Paidousis, Emmanouil Timonis, Konstantinos Kourouniotis.
Our Chios, where great benefectors lived: Filippos Argentis, Ioannis Varvarakis, Andreas Siggros, Zorzis Dromokaitis, Jannis Skilitsis, Elena Skilitsi-Venizelou, Georgios Choremis.
Our Chios is the only place in the world that produces Mastixa and is famous for its biodiversity.
Our Chios is world famous for its naval tradition, motherland of many ships and sailors.
Our Chios is famous for its beauty, the gardens in Kampos (plain), the medieval villages that produce mastixa, the beautiful beaches like Daskalopetra, Mavra Volia, Magemena, Komi, Agia Fotia and Karfas.
Our Chios is "present" worldwide, because everywhere in the world, even nowadays, you'll always find somebody that comes from Chios, pioneering in science, arts entrepreneurship.

Here in this island we live and create too! In our, beloved, Chios.