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Quality Policy

Thu, 12/13/2012 - 16:00 -- admin

Antonis and Yannis Palios G.P. believes that efficient and continuous satisfaction of customers needs to be of outmost importance, as well as cultivating trust between the company and the customers, managing all the processes that compose our company's conformity with ISO 9001:2000.

Therefore, Antonis and Yannis Palios G.P. has undertaken the design, development and installation of an integrated Quality Managmennt System, according to ISO 9001:2000, which is bound to apply, aiming at continuous improvement both of this System itself, and the company's operations, products and services.

In order to meet the requirements mentioned before, Antonis & Yannis Palios G.P. pays close attention to its customers’ needs and expectations, tracks down all the technological advances that affect its activities and keeps constantly updated with current legislation.

Antonis & Yannis Palios G.P. activities in Publications, Integrated Product Supply and Graphic Art Services comply with the Integrated Quality System provisions and meet all the criteria and specifications resulting from customers’ demands, legislation and company's policy. In addition, Antonis & Yannis Palios G.P. has set certain quality objectives that must be satisfied, both in operational level and provided services.

The quality objectives our company has set and considered of outmost importance include:

  • Improvement of customers' satisfaction

  • Optimization of providers' performance

  • Reduction of customers' complaints

  • Excellent and consistent production of company products

  • Reduction of errors or failures during production

In order to observe Quality Objectives, Quality Indicators have been set, watched by the company's staff responsible for Quality Management and are presented to the company's General Management, within Q.M.S. Revisions. Quality Indicators depict the level of objectives' implementation and could possibly lead to Quality System modifications.

Antonis & Yannis Palios G.P. is committed to offer all of its available resources in order to guarantee the application and the effective operation of the Quality System.
The three main parts of this Quality Policy, more specifically:

  • Compliance with Quality Management Policy

  • Satisfaction of every client

  • Continuous improvement

are the duty and the main concern of the whole staff of Antonis & Yannis Palios G.P.

The General Manager

Antonis N. Palios